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Babe, you got this.

Everyday, you get confronted with success stories in magazines, online magazines and on blogs. The one after the other perfect picture passes on your Instagram timeline. You often ask yourself: when will you gain all those successes? An impressive career and, of course, a wonderful private life. It’s just not progressing.

Sometimes you know with absolute certainty which direction to take, occasionally you have no clue whatsoever. If you have a set goal for yourself the question follows; how will you achieve that? How do you sell yourself or your ideas to others? How do you build the ultimate network? How do pick yourself up when life is not going as expected? And most important of all: how do you combine your ambitions and social life without going mad?

We know your questions. In Babe, you got this. we try to answer them. We asked more than 20 inspiring, successful female entrepreneurs and business wonders from the Netherlands for advice. Their road to success, including the necessary fuck-ups, inspires. Motivates. And helps you as a girl with dreams grow into a woman with vision.

Please note the book is written in Dutch.

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