Creative studio space for online influencers & digital creatives

Hi there, girlboss

Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman. Girlbosses around the world are discovering their entrepreneurial side and it’s time to celebrate that those little girls with dreams, have become women with vision.

But sometimes, life can get lonely at the top (or on the web for that matter). And then it’s nice to be around people with likeminded vision: simply to share your ideas, to dive into an unexpected brainstorm session that gives new insights, or to grab your daily caffeine kick with another girlboss. One that understands your industry and can give you constructive feedback to make the both of you grow into better, smarter and stronger entrepreneurs.

Our creative studio spaces in Amsterdam and Rotterdam provide everything you need to get up, dress up, show up and give all you’ve got, including in-house fashion photographers, social media experts and instagrammable corners all-over. Plus the basics of course: yummy coffee, fast WiFi and comfy desk chairs.  

Babe, you got this. See you at #workmode.



You don’t always want to sit at your desk. Sometimes it’s nice to change the scenery and your place in the office. Swap your desk chair for one of our Moroccan pillows and take some time to relax.



We love a little green. Our collection of plants – whether printed on the wall or chilling on our desks – are a wild mix of cacti, ferns and succulents. They give the oxy you need to fully focus on your work.



Our two locations in Amsterdam are both based in the city centre, on the ground floor overlooking the canals. Grab a cup of love on our little terrace that has sun all day for a quick caffeine break or a meeting with potential clients. Our location in Rotterdam is just off the most vibrant street in the heart of the city, with windows from floor to ceiling and a floating first floor. Wait what? Yup, really.

girlbosses and go-getters

Meet our girl gang

Marlot Willems

Fashion Blogger

Meet little rascal Marlot, an ambitious blonde who’s getting shit done. Besides building her social empire, she’s also a fashion stylist, working for clients such as Cosmopolitan.

Anne van Laarhoven


Our girl Anne is as versatile as her style: she’s a features writer for several online fashion & lifestyle magazines and a copywriter slash brander for various brands. Never a dull day!

Marlieke Koks

Fashion & Food Blogger

The recently engaged Marlieke brings our two favourite F words together. Blogging about fashion and food, her readers get their daily dose of best of both worlds.

Yasaman Bitarafan

Amstergrammer & travel blogger

Yas is a true go-getter, grabbing life by the b*lls and with an eye for everything gorgeous Amsterdam has to offer.

Rosanna Gentenaar

Fashion blogger

Winner of the ELLE Style Influencer Awards Rosanna is a real travel addict and a self-confessed crazy cat lady.

Elisah Jacobs

Interior blogger

What’s in a name? Interior junkie Elisah is all about home deco, stunning styling and gorgeous interiors. Not to mention she’s the perfect Bali guide.

Kiki Rigters and Karen van Duijvenbode

Fashion photography duo Kee&Kee

Who says Fridays are only for wearing pink: creative duo Karen & Kiki tend to match their looks and their photo skills. When not picturing pittoresque weddings, they’re on-set for fashion shoots – usually in pretty pink.

Milou Verbeke

Web designer

A ballerina with graphic design and coding skills! Say what? When she’s not nerding up behind her pc, Milou is busy with FALL Magazine or The Commversation, offering monthly masterclasses to ladies like yourself.

All work and no play makes for a dull day


Flex desks and permanent spots



Looking for a flexible work desk that you’ll only use a few times a week? We’ve got you covered, gal. Our flex desks can be used up to three days per week during office hours. Sit anywhere you feel like and get. Shit. Done.

Because there’s no time for bullshit when you’re building an empire, we also offer permanent spots. Desks for those of you who like to work outside office hours or on weekends. You’ll get a key with 24/7 access and your desk is just for your use. Leave your iMac or notebook at the office and always be assured of a place to work.

With all contracts we’ll throw in fast WiFi and (strong + good) coffee (because crack is bad for you.) Sounds like you fit right in? Drop us a line.